Master Program of Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies


Seminar《the Arab countries in transition: from economic and cultural perspectives》

Time:  09:00-17:00 (Fri) 24 November 2017
Venue:  5th Meeting Room, 7F, Administraion Building, NCCU

Arab Spring, the democratized trend was triggered in Tunisia and spread to the  whole Arab world since 2010.
However, among the Arab countries, Lybia, Syria, Yemen  are suffering from wars and terrorism;
Egypt and Tunisia are struggling for democratic transformation;
Saudi Arabia is faced the challenge due to dumping oil prices while the stability and economy of Jordan and Turkey are plagued by the spillover effect of refugees. 
Abviously, limited by the domestic and regional development and foreign intervention, the Arab countries are increasingly astray from the ideals to enhance people's welfare, democracy and social justice in the turmoil.

Thus,  the economic and cultural transition and  development of these Arab countries will be systemically discussed
 in this seminar


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