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A. Course Requirements

a) Master’s programs must be completed within 1-4 years.
b) Students are required to complete a minimum of 24 credit hours of graduate course. 
c) Students may not enroll in more than 12 credits per semester. 
d) Students could take a maximum of 6 credits outside of our Institute.


B. About the Thesis

a)  Students who have completed 15 credits may submit a thesis proposal to be approved  
    by three committee members (at least) as the qualification evaluation.

b) Thesis advisors can be any professor from higher education institutions of accredited by the Republic of China Ministry of Education.  
c) The committee consists of at least three members, including one advisor. At least one member should be affiliated to non-NCCU.
d) An interval of four months is required between approval of thesis proposal and the official degree examination.

*Students are required to make up Middle Eastern and Central Asian languages courses at least 6 credits before graduation
which include Arabic, Turkish, Russian and Persian. 
(Those credits are not count in graduation requirement credits)